Collection: Cloisonne Urns

Explore the vibrant and intricate world of our cloisonné cremation urns, where the vivid colours and detailed patterns of this ancient art form burst into life. Cloisonné involves the application of coloured enamels to a metal surface, followed by high temperature firing to create elaborate designs. Our cloisonné urns at Affordable Urns offer a visually striking tribute to your departed loved one, capturing their essence with the depth and richness of cloisonné enamelling.

Within our cloisonné cremation urn collection, you'll discover pieces boasting a diverse array of designs, each meticulously crafted to showcase the breathtaking beauty of cloisonné. From the vibrant hues of floral motifs to the mesmerising patterns of geometric shapes, you're certain to find the perfect tribute.

Our selection of cloisonné urns showcases the vibrant beauty of this timeless style. Choose a cloisonné cremation urn today and pay homage to your loved one with the beauty and artistry of centuries old craftsmanship.

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