Keeping Their Memory Alive: Exploring the World of Pet Urns

pet urn with cartoon sillhoute of pets around itThe loss of a pet is the worst part of any pet owner's life. They are our companions through thick and thin, always there by our side. Whether it is a curious cat, friendly dog or any other type of pet, they bring our lives warmth, companionship and joy. When we lose these little guys, we want to make sure that their passing is as easy for them as possible. We also want to make sure that while they may be gone, they are not forgotten and that their memory is honoured. Pet urns are the perfect way to keep our furry companions in our hearts long after they pass, and in today's article we will explore the world of pet urns, what they are and how they can help us through these difficult moments. 

What are pet urns?

Pet Urns are urns designed to hold the cremation ashes of pets. Pet urns are a great way to honour your pets memory. Pet urns can come in unique and special pet themed varieties with cute little paw symbols etched on them or even caricatures of the pets themselves. Pet urns are normally unique to each animal. Most pet urns will be separated in categories by which animal they represent or are made to hold. This is important as while all cremation ashes are essentially the same, different sized pets will have a different amount of ash associated with them. This is why cat urns will normally be a smaller size to a dog urns for example, as most cats are usually smaller than dogs on average. While all of our urns are designed to fit the ashes of most pet breeds, there may be outlying exceptions for some larger breeds. Pet urns can come in various materials but are most commonly made in metal, wood and ceramic. 

What are the common types of pet urns?

Dog urns

Dog Urns are perfectly made to uniquely represent your canine companion. As man's best friend, dog urns are the most varied and full of choice due to their popularity as pets. There are an incredible amount of options out there, so you will definitely be able to find something to suit you and your pupper. 

Cat urns

Cat Urns are great additions to any cat owner's home. These lovely urns always come in the cutest designs to represent our curious little cats. There are plenty of options for cat owners, including small cat statue urns that are incredibly stylish and cutesy. Our feline friends are quite spoiled for choice, which means you are too. 

Rabbit urns

Rabbit Urns are another popular pet urn option as rabbits are a very common household pet. While there may not be as many rabbit urn options as the previous two in the pet urn market, there is still enough to choose from. Rabbit urns are a great choice to honour the memory of our furry little friends.

Losing our pets is difficult but we hope that through reading this article it has been made a bit easier by seeing what your options are and how helpful pet urns can truly be. Affordable Urns provides Australia the cheapest keepsake urns while maintaining the best quality to ensure everyone can have access to a proper way to honour their loved ones memory. If you are looking for exceptional keepsake urns, take a look at our site to find your perfect urn.