Collection: Memorial Lockets

Uncover the beauty of keeping your loved one close to you with Affordable Urns Memorial Lockets. These lockets are crafted to not only hold a small amount of ash or hair from your loved one but also your favourite photo of them. The compartment attached to the necklace typically unscrews for the ashes, while the face of the locket unfolds to reveal the heartwarming photo you cherish of that special someone.

Our memorial lockets are fashioned from high-quality materials such as Sterling 925 silver and are manufactured to our exacting standards. We understand your desire for the best for your loved one and your wish to commemorate them indefinitely, which is why we ensure our lockets will fulfil that purpose.

Discover your perfect memorial locket today and experience why Affordable Urns is regarded as Australia's premier supplier for cremation urns and other funeral products.