About Us

Hi, my name is Alex Martin and as the founder of Affordable Urns I wanted to share with you a little bit about who we are and what our aim is. As a 2nd generation immigrant from a small little village close to Tuscany in Italy, our family came to Australia with big dreams but not so big finances. When our nonno died, we were absolutely devastated not only emotionally but financially too. With a traditional burial funeral having such high costs that we couldn't afford, we looked into cremation instead. When it came time to pick out the perfect urn we were shocked yet again at how extraordinary some of the prices were. From 200 all the way up to even 500 dollars for just a standard urn, we felt like we were being ripped off. This was definitely not something we were able to afford, and so we decided to bury his ashes in our backyard. 

That's why a couple years later we started up Affordable Urns with our number one missions to provide affordable, accessible, high quality urns to all Australians. We believe everyone should have access to a high quality urn at a reasonable price, no matter their economic status. I don’t want anyone going through what my family had to go through and with Affordable Urns, they won't have to. I'm Alex Martin from Affordable Urns and I wish you the best of luck in finding that perfect urn and through the hard times you and your family are going through. Ciao.