Celebrating Life's Journey: Unique Child Urns That Embrace Memories

sketch of woman holding child with teddy bear urnThe loss of a child is the hardest situation imaginable that can occur to a parent. Children are the most important people in a parents life and the passing away of a child or infant is unbearable. Through this time of deepest sorrow, we try to find ways to alleviate our grief and honour the memory of our children. In this article we will look at the unique ways that urns can celebrate and honour the memory of our departed young ones.

What is a child or infant urn?

A Child or Infant Urn is an urn designed to hold the cremated ashes of a child, infant or misscarriage. They can come in many different designs, often featuring symbols such as a child's footprint or even cute toys such as a teddy bear. Child and infant urns are made smaller in order to hold the ashes of your beloved child more sufficiently. They can come in various different materials such as metal, wood and ceramic which we stock here at Affordable Urns. Child and infant urns are normally stored in a home either displayed or kept in a private room. You can also elect to bury your urn if you feel that is more appropriate. 

What are the benefits?

A child or infant urn is hugely beneficial to the parents as it allows them to grieve with a proper, tangible object. Being able to touch and feel where your departed child's ashes now rest is an incredibly important way to obtain closure. It also gives grieving parents comfort to know that their child, infant or miscarriage is in a better place and that their memory is honoured. You can make your urn feel more special to them by customising your urn to include information like their name, date of birth and their epitaph. This can help make their urn feel more special and unique to them, and is generally a good way to honour their memory. 

What are the negatives?

Child urns, infant urns, and urns in general can be really expensive. They are made of high quality but expensive materials and are also handmade. This can raise the prices of urns quite drastically and lead it to not be very affordable for many families. That's why at Affordable Urns, we have supplied Australia with the most affordable yet still high quality urns we can find. Urns are expensive so for those that are not in a financially stable situation, we tried to make them as affordable and accessible as possible.

This time in your life will be one of, if not the most difficult. We hope this article has helped you by explaining the options you have available to you and how urns can help you through this period. Affordable Urns provides Australia the cheapest child and infant urns while maintaining the best quality to ensure everyone can have access to a proper way to honour their loved ones memory. If you are looking for a child or infant urn, take a look at our site to find your perfect urn.