Collection: Extra Large Urns

The beauty of memories lies in their ability to transcend time, keeping us connected to our loved ones even after they've passed. Our collection of extra large cremation urns at Affordable Urns encapsulates this connection, providing a perfect memorial for departed loved ones and a fitting tribute to the love we hold for them. Extra large urns cater to individuals with larger cremains or those wishing to include personal items, capable of holding up to 7.5 Litres of cremains depending on the design.

Crafted from the finest materials such as metal, stone, and marble, our extra large cremation urns are crafted to endure, ensuring a lasting and beautiful tribute. We offer a variety of designs, ranging from simple vessels to more ornate options featuring intricate patterns and detailing. Each urn is a stunning piece of art, adding beauty to any home.

Every extra large cremation urn in our collection can be securely sealed, guaranteeing the safe containment of the ashes. Explore our full range of extra large urns today and discover the perfect way to keep your loved one close to you for years to come. If you're unsure about the size you need, you can consult our sizing guide.