Collection: Rabbit Urns

The bond of love and companionship shared with a pet rabbit is truly unparalleled. These delightful and playful creatures never fail to bring joy to our lives with their gentle demeanour and lively spirit. Saying goodbye to a beloved rabbit companion can be incredibly difficult, particularly after years of shared moments and memories and so that's why at Affordable Urns, we have created a collection of rabbit urns to properly remember them by.

In honour of the memory of your faithful long-eared friend, our collection of rabbit urns is meticulously crafted with love and compassion and from the highest quality materials. Each urn is expertly designed to serve as a heartfelt tribute to your departed companion, crafted with the utmost care and skill.

Explore our complete collection of rabbit urns today and discover the perfect way to commemorate your cherished pet rabbit, providing them with a beautiful final resting home.