Capturing Love in a Small Vessel: The Meaning Behind Keepsake Urns

large urn with multiple small urns underneathWith many Australians choosing cremation over funerals, the days of simply visiting the graves of your departed friends and family is becoming less and less common. However with the rise of new problems comes new solutions which is exactly what we'll be discussing in today's article. Keepsake urns, what they do, how to use them and how they can benefit you and your family in this troubling time. 

What are keepsake urns?

Keepsake Urns are tiny urns designed to only hold a small portion of your loved ones' cremation ashes. They are designed this way so that the ashes can be divided and given to multiple family members and friends that want to keep a piece of their memory. Keepsake urns are usually no more than 5 cm long and can fit inside the palm of your hand. They can come in various different designs as well, either as a small version of a traditional looking urn or something more unique such as an abstract bird keepsake. They can also come as special symbolic keepsakes such as a heart, star or other significant object. There are so many designs and symbols that you will definitely be able to find something suitable for everyone. Keepsake urns can be made in different materials such as metal, wood or ceramic. Due to their size they are also quite affordable as opposed to regular sized urns.

What are the uses and benefits of keepsake urns?

Keepsake urns are great for families and friends that don't live together. You can take as many keepsake urns as you want, since they only hold about 10 to 50 millilitres of ashes and give them out to however many people as you so choose. Adults generally leave behind a lot of ash so there is no worry in running out for a primary urn or a scattering ceremony. They are highly beneficial to anyone that may be grieving the departed person's death as it allows them a tangible object to remember them by. It is a great way of experiencing closure regarding their dearly departed, as you can hold their urn when you are feeling sad about their departure. Keepsake urns are also great if you don't like the look and size of regular urns, so they can be used as a replacement with the remainder of the ashes either buried or scattered. 

It is never going to be easy experiencing the death of a loved one, but through the use of keepsake urns you can help yourself and any family members and friends through this difficult period. Keepsake urns are a small urn but they make a huge difference in how we can grieve the loss of our departed friends and family. Affordable Urns provides Australia the cheapest keepsake urns while maintaining the best quality to ensure everyone can have access to a proper way to honour their loved ones memory. If you are looking for exceptional keepsake urns at astonishingly low prices, take a look at our site to find your keepsake urns.