Collection: Custom Urns

One of the finest ways to cherish the memory of our departed loved ones is by personalising memorial items. Our bespoke cremation urns page features a selection of urns that are most conducive to customisation, allowing for comprehensive detailing. Some urns may prove too intricate for engraving, hence we've curated those that offer ample options for personal touches.

At Affordable Urns, we understand the importance of ensuring that your customised cremation urn meets the highest standards. Therefore, each of our custom urns is crafted with premium materials and skilled workmanship, guaranteeing longevity. We utilise a state of the art laser engraver to offer a range of exquisite preset designs crafted by expert artists. Additionally, should you desire, we can engrave any bespoke design or epitaph of your choice onto your urn. Simply email and attach your preferred image, and we will engrave it onto your cremation urn.

With your urn tailored to your exact specifications, you can rest assured with our diverse array of elegant designs that are sure to complement your style. Explore our collection of custom cremation urns to find the perfect design for you, or share your favourite design with us, and we'll take care of the rest.