Collection: Truck Urns

On the open road of life, our loved ones ride beside us, their laughter and love filling the cab of our journey. As we pay tribute to those whose engines have fallen silent, our truck cremation urns serve as a loving reminder of the miles travelled together.

Crafted with passion and precision, our truck urns at Affordable Urns capture the spirit of freedom and adventure that defines the open road. Just as truck are built to traverse the highways and byways of life, our cremation urns are designed to honour the unique stories and memories of those we've lost.

Our collection offers a wide array of designs, materials, and colours so you can find a truck urn that embodies the heart and soul of your loved one. Let our truck urns transport you back to the open road, where the horizon holds endless possibilities. Whether your loved one was a truck driver or just a truck enthusiast, these cremation urns are the perfect memorial.